Episode 008: Matt and Tucker Show Their Bits.

it’s Old Timey Hedgehog – On The Air! Episode 8: Featuring all our little bits and pieces! And a special appearance by Alan Rickman!

Episode 007: The Aftermath.

(if I might quote Tucker a moment) “In which Matt and Tucker apologize for episode 006.  What happened in episode 006?  You mean Tucker didn’t post it to the Tumblr?  Naw, it can’t possibly be because Kelvin Ortega is some sort of living monster made flesh.  I mean, that would be madness.  You can find it on the Podomatic site or our RSS Feed.”

Episode 005: Tucker’s Got a Brand New Thang.

Listen, and bear witness to Episode 5 of OTHOTA! In which we, for the first time ever, actually go in completely and entirely unplanned, unprepared, and make up the entire thing as we go along!
Synthesizers!, Beat-Box!, and Phone Calls!, Oh my!!!

Episode 004: Two Gallo Enter….

Tune in, brave listeners, to OTH-OTA Episode 4, where we deftly avoid answering All the tough questions, like: Why is every other episode posted so late? And Where do ideas Come from? How is a wish-list like the Amazon? and the age old question, who IS the best Gallo?…Oh, wait; we answer that one.

Episode 003: Puce, Intensity, Vollyball: The Musical!.

Old Timey Hedgehog Presents a Penny Whistle Theatre production of A Very Musical Episode III of OTH-OTA! Featuring: Tiny Stringed Instruments! Beer! Poetry! Alan Rickman! & Tricorner Hats! 

Episode 002: The Triceratops Blowjob Train.

Matt and Tucker discover a shared history of Nick At Nite and dinosaurs and lightsabers, Oh My!

Episode 000: Pirate Pilot.

Oh, and here was the Pirate Pilot Episode!

An experiment in how not to do a podcast.

Episode 001: The Legend of the Old Grimy Smedgemog.

Old Timey Hedgehog On The Air following up our pirate Pilot with our first “real” episode: “The Legend of the Old Grimey Smedgemog”

The Lucid Dreams Within a Dream.

Many, many times I’ve had a dream within a dream, and even dreams within dreams within dreams not too uncommonly (& a least a couple of times I remember I had a dream, within a dream, within a dream, within a dream). I’m also fairly often aware I’m dreaming.

This morning though, I had a dream that served as the “primary dream” let’s say, and in the primary dream I was just lying down in my bed having been sleeping (fairly mundane, for a dream). But then, in the dream, I kept falling asleep into further short, also mundane dreams. But each of those short dreams were about me getting up, or hearing other people in my apt do stuff, and me wanting to as well. But I would realize, in the dream within a dream, that it was a dream, and ‘wake myself up,’ only to wake back into the “primary dream” of me in bed trying to sleep, and noticing these weird dreams. I then went back to sleep a couple more times, in the dream, because I wanted to see if I would have more similar dreams…and I did.

Then I woke up, for real, in my bed, and realized that all the previous times it seemed like I was waking up were only into my primary dream…of sleeping, in my bed. Yet, each portion of the dreaming stayed just as mundane.
Also, I technically didn’t go any more levels than just ‘a dream within a dream,’ except that it was several dreams within a dream. And I wasn’t aware that I was dreaming (“lucid dreaming”) overall, but I Was aware in the dreams within a dream.

So I was lucid dreaming only in the dreams within a dream.


“You have to heal yourself, before you, can, heal, everyone! Turn yellow into gold!”

I just awoke from a dream in which I was and expert marksman, working for (with plans to sabotage) a crime boss, and was “requested” (essentially ordered) to shoot a Ninja Turtle action figure (Leonardo, I believe) off of a post, hundreds of yards away. Meanwhile a train which was next to the post then started moving (which the boss person knew it would), and I had to refocus very quickly, and take my shot right away, before the ninja turtle was shook loose. I did so, and still hit it dead on- But somewhere amidst this I zoomed the focus of my normal eyesight back out, and saw that three young guys were walking up along the side of the tracks and were right by the post.. And the bullet, that I had to shoot to appease the boss and keep up appearances, went straight through the turtle, and ricocheted off the moving train, and killed one of the young men. The others ran, and I was in shock, and it all moved like a movie. One of the others with me (also working to eventually take down the crime boss) started telling me that this is what we’d signed on for, and that I would have to forgive myself.
The best part of the dream was there, at the end, I started walking slowly towards the body to check on it, all sad, and as the guy was telling me I had to forgive myself first, this song starts playing in the background, to the theme “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (replacing the line ‘It’s enough, to make kings, and, vagabonds!, Believe the very best!’), with the lyrics “You have to heal yourself, before you, can, heal, everyone! Turn yellow into gold!” I woke up with this song in my head.

Note:  This dream seemed to take place in either the 30’s or possibly the later years of the old west (it shifted), despite the presence of a ninja turtle action figure. And I experienced most of it like a movie.

So, I’m sitting here wondering why I’m not asleep, and suddenly this happens in my head…

Witch Doctor Who’s on First.
1: Who’s on first.
2: Doctor?
1: I don’t think you understand this game.
2: Who’s game?
1: You, who-
2: Who’s drink?
1: Sometimes.
2: I don’t think you understand this game.
1: What game?
2: Doctor.
1: Hoo-boy!
2: Doctor!
1: Who?
2: Doogie?
1: Howser game?
2: Who’s game.
1: I don’t think you understand this game.
2: Who’s game?
1: …Doctor?
2: Who!
1: Whose game??
2: Which game?
1: Who’s?! Doctor!
2: Which Doctor?
1: Witch-Docter!
2: Who!!
1: Doctor? I hardly know her.
2: I don’t think you understand this game.

So I notice I haven’t posted since 9/11, and that just seems depressing, so here I am again.


[Albeit, probably with just a quick update and stop in.]


So, it’s nearly Halloween, and I pretty much have ready the 3 costumes I will be using at various points from Friday the 28th through Monday the 31st. Why 3 different ones you ask?

Alright jerk, calm down, no need to question everything…

 …sorry. I didn’t mean that. You’re not a jerk.



Anyway, 3 different costumes just ’cause I felt like it. Also, because I have a work party the afternoon of the 28th, another at my apt that night, another at a friend’s place the 29th, and then Halloween itself, the 31st (ya know, in case you forgot the date…).

What are they, you ask?

 …I’m glad you asked. One is the classic Michael Myers (of the Halloween movie series, not that other guy), which I’ve wanted to do for years, but hadn’t found a mask that would comfortably enough fit my slightly large head.. Secondly, is a professional wrestler named Sheamus, who, a friend pointed out, dressed like I often do, when he’s not in the ring (like when he was on Conan);I have no intention of wearing little wrestling trunks and going around otherwise nearly naked. Believe me this is to everyone’s benefit. And thirdly, and for which I am rather entertained and excited, I will be a classic melodrama style Villain character [as one might see tying a damsel to the train tracks]. Pictures will be provided.


In other news, my diet continues well. Well, continues, at any rate. It’s still going well, though, as happens, it’s plateaued, and is considerably slower in the last 1/2 month, than the first 2 months. Regardless, I have now dropped 40lbs.  😀                                   Now I just need to get through the trickiest part of any dieting for me, which is Now through February. Between the Holidays (in particular Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, & my Birthday), and the coinciding “busy season” and its extra work, hours & stress at the job, it is definitely the most common time for me to slip up, get lax’d, or just over-indulge regularly. But this time I am more determined to avoid these problems. I will prove it to you, I say!

And more importantly, to me.

In related news, I  need new pants, it seems. They are a bit too large.


Okay, that’s what i got for now, but I promise this time, I’ll try extra hard to post more often and sooner…


Goodbye for now,



PS:  I’ll miss you most of all, internet.


Once there was two there, though I never truly saw them.

Still we see all the clearer now, even though the two have fallen.

I see a sea, a tide of strength, grown in waves rather than ripples.

This city stands firm on two legs, which never can be crippled.

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