Episode 008: Matt and Tucker Show Their Bits.

it’s Old Timey Hedgehog – On The Air! Episode 8: Featuring all our little bits and pieces! And a special appearance by Alan Rickman!


Episode 007: The Aftermath.

(if I might quote Tucker a moment) “In which Matt and Tucker apologize for episode 006.  What happened in episode 006?  You mean Tucker didn’t post it to the Tumblr?  Naw, it can’t possibly be because Kelvin Ortega is some sort of living monster made flesh.  I mean, that would be madness.  You can find it on the Podomatic site or our RSS Feed.”

Episode 005: Tucker’s Got a Brand New Thang.

Listen, and bear witness to Episode 5 of OTHOTA! In which we, for the first time ever, actually go in completely and entirely unplanned, unprepared, and make up the entire thing as we go along!
Synthesizers!, Beat-Box!, and Phone Calls!, Oh my!!!

Episode 004: Two Gallo Enter….

Tune in, brave listeners, to OTH-OTA Episode 4, where we deftly avoid answering All the tough questions, like: Why is every other episode posted so late? And Where do ideas Come from? How is a wish-list like the Amazon? and the age old question, who IS the best Gallo?…Oh, wait; we answer that one.

Episode 003: Puce, Intensity, Vollyball: The Musical!.

Old Timey Hedgehog Presents a Penny Whistle Theatre production of A Very Musical Episode III of OTH-OTA! Featuring: Tiny Stringed Instruments! Beer! Poetry! Alan Rickman! & Tricorner Hats! 

Episode 002: The Triceratops Blowjob Train.

Matt and Tucker discover a shared history of Nick At Nite and dinosaurs and lightsabers, Oh My!

Episode 000: Pirate Pilot.

Oh, and here was the Pirate Pilot Episode!

An experiment in how not to do a podcast.

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