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So I notice I haven’t posted since 9/11, and that just seems depressing, so here I am again.


[Albeit, probably with just a quick update and stop in.]


So, it’s nearly Halloween, and I pretty much have ready the 3 costumes I will be using at various points from Friday the 28th through Monday the 31st. Why 3 different ones you ask?

Alright jerk, calm down, no need to question everything…

 …sorry. I didn’t mean that. You’re not a jerk.



Anyway, 3 different costumes just ’cause I felt like it. Also, because I have a work party the afternoon of the 28th, another at my apt that night, another at a friend’s place the 29th, and then Halloween itself, the 31st (ya know, in case you forgot the date…).

What are they, you ask?

 …I’m glad you asked. One is the classic Michael Myers (of the Halloween movie series, not that other guy), which I’ve wanted to do for years, but hadn’t found a mask that would comfortably enough fit my slightly large head.. Secondly, is a professional wrestler named Sheamus, who, a friend pointed out, dressed like I often do, when he’s not in the ring (like when he was on Conan);I have no intention of wearing little wrestling trunks and going around otherwise nearly naked. Believe me this is to everyone’s benefit. And thirdly, and for which I am rather entertained and excited, I will be a classic melodrama style Villain character [as one might see tying a damsel to the train tracks]. Pictures will be provided.


In other news, my diet continues well. Well, continues, at any rate. It’s still going well, though, as happens, it’s plateaued, and is considerably slower in the last 1/2 month, than the first 2 months. Regardless, I have now dropped 40lbs.  😀                                   Now I just need to get through the trickiest part of any dieting for me, which is Now through February. Between the Holidays (in particular Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, & my Birthday), and the coinciding “busy season” and its extra work, hours & stress at the job, it is definitely the most common time for me to slip up, get lax’d, or just over-indulge regularly. But this time I am more determined to avoid these problems. I will prove it to you, I say!

And more importantly, to me.

In related news, I  need new pants, it seems. They are a bit too large.


Okay, that’s what i got for now, but I promise this time, I’ll try extra hard to post more often and sooner…


Goodbye for now,



PS:  I’ll miss you most of all, internet.


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